Added Fun At The Festival

Zip into fun!

The Zip Zone Zip Line at Davis Mega Maze is over 200 feet long and 3 stories high. Sure to enthrall you as you zip by the entrance of the Mega Maze at speeds of up to 21 MPH and zip into high-tech compression springs, then lowered to the ground safely by an all-new high-tech decelerator.

*Riders must weigh between 45 and 250 pounds, riders must be 5 years or older, rides are non-transferable or refundable.

Paintball Shooting Gallery

Take aim at our Bullseye Paintball Shooting Range! Shoot at over 50 different targets!

Cannon Blaster

Ready…Aim…FIRE! Launch ears of corn from our pressurized cannons at our Bullseye Car sitting 12 feet in the air, and even the occasional moving target!

Laser Tag

We are Southern New England’s only outdoor laser tag! Team Vs. Team style laser tag – take cover in the hay wagon, behind hay bales, wood shack and a even a log cabin!

Purchase tickets for added fun attractions at the ticket booth.