Mega Maze

Greatest corn maze EVER

Davis Mega Maze is designed to be the world’s best corn maze and can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours (or more) to complete. It is both a physical and mental challenge.

This year’s maze encompasses 8 acres of corn and almost 3 miles of puzzling pathway networks. It offers more fun and opportunities than any other maze and appeals to any type of gamer! Adventure seekers can try to tackle some or all of the games located inside the maze.

If you get frustrated or have little ones, our helpful Maze Masters can give you directions. They direct you to the next fun Adventure Zone.  These include the hammer bells, the field goal kick,  slingshots, end goal slide and a dozen other games. There are many surprises and photo-ops – INSIDE the maze itself – that will test your mental and physical abilities.

Maze Field Guide Games

Follow along in your Field Guide to find more fun and games than you can experience in any other maze.

There are seven intensity levels to this maze. You can spend a few hours or the entire day playing in the maze…it’s up to you! We’ve also added some extra-special fun features for “techies” and the like, such as Mobile Mazing and Geo Questing with your smart phone.

So good luck, get lost, and HAVE FUN!

Maze games include:

  • The Slingshots
  • Kids Quest Games
  • I-Spy Where’s Waldo
  • Bridge Punch Challenge
  • CORN-undrums
  • Kids Quest
  • Celebrity Photo Ops
  • Slide
  • And More…

Along the way…

There are also porta johns out in the maze, as well as the half-way Snack Shack… (But you’ll have to find them.) In the final end goal, you will find the solutions to the games and final Hammer Bell of honor to celebrate your victory.

Always visit the web or call before visiting (even on a beautiful day.)  We are highly weather & conditions sensitive – all events and activities subject to change without notice.

So good luck, get lost, and HAVE FUN!

Official Trivial Pursuit Rules:

  • Children under 13 years of age must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
  • Do not make shortcuts or harm the crop in any way. There are serious penalties for doing so.
  • No Smoking allowed on the maze grounds.
  • No running in the maze.
  • No alcohol in the maze.
  • No pets allowed on the festival grounds.